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Salt Spring Island community comes together to create a stronger food system

The community became concerned about a potential rise in food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic. They decided to mount special efforts to keep agriculture running as an essential business, markets well supplied with affordable and nutritious food, and island residents safely supplied with food despite movement restrictions and income losses.

New partnership with River Select Fisheries Cooperative

Community Evolution is proud to announce a new partnership with River Select Fisheries Cooperative to further our mutual aim of promoting co-operation and community economic development as instruments of social and economic empowerment.

Nutritious food, a text message away

Our partner, a group of female-led farmers and entreprenurs, in Bolivia receives orders via WhatsApp, and delivers fresh vegetables from their greenhouses directly and safely to customers in the capital city. The team has also partnered with other local farmers and producers to sell and deliver totes filled with diverse and nutritious food.

A few of the faces behind the Cow-Op

These are just a few of the farmers, fisherpeople, and food processors who are feeding the Cowichan Valley community on Vancouver Island. They sell their products through the Cow-Op online shop and delivery system.

What we do

Community Evolution is a community economic development organization that partners with cooperatives and community-based enterprises to help communities gain control of their local economies.


We are a registered charity that operates in Canada, Bolivia and Ecuador. We offer a customized facilitation process that combines community mobilization, capacity building and financial support for social impact.


We envision a world where people work together to build sustainable and empowered communities.


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Where we work


In Bolivia, we partner with community enterprises in the area of sustainable food production. The majority of the associations’ members are indigenous women working the land to grow mostly vegetables.


Our partners in Canada dedicate their attention to growing food that is safe and healthy. Besides working to protect the land, they create income-generating opportunities for local communities.


In Ecuador, our partners are involved in both sustainable food production and community tourism. This approach diversifies their source of income and improves livelihoods and economic prosperity.

How to get involved

There are several ways to help Community Evolution support all these incredible community enterprises.

What’s new

The community that makes up the Cowichan Valley Co-operative Marketplace
The community that makes up the Cowichan Valley Co-operative Marketplace

The Cow-Op is made up of local farmers, food processors and community partners. This non-profit farmer and food processor co-operative brings together members and consumers through an online marketplace of locally grown and harvested food, featuring a variety of produce, meats, eggs, fruit, baking and more all grown or produced throughout the Cowichan Region.

Meet Caroline Fric, a farmer braving the pandemic
Meet Caroline Fric, a farmer braving the pandemic

Growing food is an act of love. That’s what we notice when we hear Caroline Fric describe her work. Caroline is the co-owner of Golden Greens Farm, a two-acre land in the Cowichan Valley. Growing...

The value of volunteers in times of crisis
The value of volunteers in times of crisis

A regular week for the farmers of Cowichan Valley Co-operative Marketplace would see an average of 30 orders placed through their system. When COVID-19 hit British Columbia and the restrictions were...