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Community Evolution Partner wins Green Prize from the the Development Bank of Ecuador

The Prefecture of Cotopaxi and our partner, a wine producers association in Quinticusig, Ecuador, won first place in the category “Water, Páramos, and Work”. 

A stronger Salt Spring Island food system for all

While Salt Spring farmers grow at least ninety different kinds of vegetable and fruit crops, and produce livestock, local food production makes up less than 10% of the available food on the Island and the rest is brought by ferry. The community became concerned about a potential rise in food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic. They decided to mount special efforts to keep agriculture running as an essential business, markets well supplied with affordable and nutritious food, and island residents safely supplied with food despite movement restrictions and income losses.

Female farmers and entrepreneurs provide diverse food baskets for delivery around La Paz, Bolivia

When Covid-19 hit the capital of Bolivia many borders had to be closed. Our partner, Aymara Women Vegetable Producers Association of Achocalla, saw this as an opportunity rather than a setback, and found a way to continue providing an essential service: local, healthy and fresh farm products for consumers, as well as income for 405 farm families living in Achocalla — a municipality about 15 km from the city of La Paz.

What we do

Community Evolution is a community economic development organization that partners with cooperatives and community-based enterprises to help communities gain control of their local economies.


We are a registered charity that operates in Canada, Bolivia and Ecuador. We offer a customized facilitation process that combines community mobilization, capacity building and financial support for social impact.


We envision a world where people work together to build sustainable and empowered communities.


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Where we work


In Bolivia, we partner with community enterprises in the area of sustainable food production. The majority of the associations’ members are indigenous women working the land to grow mostly vegetables.


Our partners in Canada dedicate their attention to growing food that is safe and healthy. Besides working to protect the land, they create income-generating opportunities for local communities.


In Ecuador, our partners are involved in both sustainable food production and community tourism. This approach diversifies their source of income and improves livelihoods and economic prosperity.

How to get involved

There are several ways to help Community Evolution support all these incredible community enterprises.

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