The Cowichan Valley Co-operative Marketplace is a non-profit farmer and food processor co-operative with an online marketplace of locally grown and harvested food, featuring a variety of produce, meats, eggs, fruit, baking and more all grown or produced throughout the Cowichan Region of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Since 2014, this not-for-profit co-operative has been guided by a board of members made up of local farmers, food processors and community partners. These individuals and businesses are what truly comprise and drive the Cow-Op, and feed the Cowichan Region.

A few of the faces behind the Cow-Op

Lockwood Farms offer fresh produce grown using organic practices, garden starts, herbs, chicken and duck eggs and poultry meat. This is just part of their long term plan to provide healthy food for as many families as possible in the Cowichan Valley all year round.

Michelle Rose CSF is a community-supported fishery based in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island B.C. Community-supported fisheries or CSFs operate under a unique system that allows for direct, fair trade between fishermen and consumers. By joining a CSF, members gain access to some of the West Coast’s highest quality seafood at prices that are fair to both members and fishermen.

True Grain Bread is an Old World inspired European bakery where the craft of the Miller and Baker are honed and cherished. Their passion is creating fresh, local, organic handcrafted bread. Since first opening their doors in the sleepy seaside village of Cowichan Bay (2004), they have strived to deliver an unparalleled bread experience. Day in and day out, they aim to be a beacon for unbelievable breads, true from-scratch baking, organics, sustainable business practices, farm to table partnerships and community engagement.

Fat Chili Farm is a Vancouver Island based hot sauce company. All of the chilis are grown on their family farm in Cobble Hill, B.C. and turned into products made with love in a commercial kitchen.

Market Manager Derrick (right), inherited the desk of Cow-op’s original visionary, founder and excellent manager: Heather Kaye (left). They are inspired to grow & provide healthy food for their community.