Our partner in Bolivia, Aymara Women Vegetable Producers Association of Achocalla (AFLOPHA), has been featured in Spanish-language video produced by local marketing firm Serpentina Digital.

The Association made major innovations in early-2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic forced La Paz, Bolivia area farmers and entrepreneurs to rethink standard ways of doing business. You can read more about that here. 

We encourage you to watch the video and be inspired by how communities are coming together to ensure families can put food and income on the table during this difficult time. We never fail to be impressed by their hard work.

Community Evolution partnered with AFLOPHA in 2016. We provided training in areas such as organizational and community enterprise development, organizational plan development, and record keeping. Access to funding made it possible to buy equipment, build four greenhouses (as seen in the video) and offer a post-harvest processing workshop. Our local facilitator continues to support the Association to thrive.

The Covid-19 pandemic is ravaging through urban and rural communities in Bolivia at the moment. Community-centered businesses like AFLOPHA are better able to adapt to serve the needs of their own neighbours.

Please consider giving to Community Evolution to support more work like this in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Canada.