The loan I received from Didi Co-operative, which was provided by Community Evolution, has been very helpful to expand my hardware business. After the Covid-19 crisis, due to the lack of cash flow in the market, I was in the stage of closing my business. However, once I received a micro loan from Community Evolution, it helped to accelerate my business and now sales have improved and my business is doing well.


I am an owner of a grocery store in Gothatar, Kathmandu, Nepal. I started my business right before the Covid-19 lockdown. The pandemic caused a great deal of hardship for me, my family, and even for my startup. Thankfully, Didi Foundation was there to support me with business management and counseling during that time of crisis. In late 2022, I asked Didi Cooperative for a micro loan to expand my business. Luckily, the Didi team introduced me to Community Evolution and explained how they are supporting women entrepreneurs by providing micro loans. Now, I am one of the recipients of the Community Evolution soft loan program. Today, I am earning good profit from my business and contributing to my family to have a quality life. I am also paying tuition fees for my kids. Thank you Community Evolution for your generous support in helping me lead a financially independent life. 


Namaste! My name is Chameli. I am full heartedly grateful to Community Evolution and Didi Foundation for providing a micro loan to expand my clothing business in Kathmandu. After I received a loan provided by Community Evolution via Didi Co-operative, I was able to expand the capacity of the garment production unit. For this, I extend my gratitude to Didi and Community Evolution. Your micro loan facilities are a backbone for my business. Please keep supporting women like me to set up businesses in the future. For your information, I am also one of the Didi Foundation graduates in Sewing Training.