Didi Foundation Inc.


Their vision

The Didi Foundation’s vision is to support and educate, women, children and communities who are facing hardship. The aim is to assist in the creation of sustainable futures.

They believe that all women have the right to be educated regardless of caste or religion. Through education women are empowered to be financially independent and contribute to their family’s well-being and support economic development. The Foundation also sponsors disadvantaged children, to reach their full potential through education in our outreach programs.

Our collaboration

In collaboration between the Didi Foundation and Community Evolution, 11 women received micro loans to expand their businesses, and they are now thriving in their respective endeavours. With interest collected from entrepreneurs, two new women received a micro loan to start their businesses on October 1st, 2023.

In 2023, Community Evolution financially supported the construction of Didi’s Beauty Center, where the Didi Foundation team will host beauty courses. Beautician training is highly demanded in Kathmandu. After three months of vocational training, all students will have a job in hand. In the past, no cosmetologists (beauticians) were unemployed after completing this course.

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