Local Foods to School - Haida Gwaii


Their purpose

In Haida Gwaii, Local Foods to School brings locally grown and harvested foods into schools and supports activities that strengthen students’ connection to where their food comes from. Educators teach students how to grow, gather, prepare, clean, cook, and store seasonally available ingredients.

There are many food security initiatives led by various stakeholders on Haida Gwaii, but most operate on individual year-to-year or short term grants, making it difficult to ensure collaboration between stakeholders to develop longer term food security on the island. In the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, it became clear that the broader community would need to come together to plan and coordinate an emergency food security plan for Haida Gwaii and Local Food to Schools has stepped forward to lead this process.

Our collaboration

In the summer of 2020, Community Evolution entered into partnership with Local Foods to School to support the organization to coordinate food security plans on Haida Gwaii.

As a first step, through funding provided by Community Evolution, Local Foods to School has been able to expand Pantry Coordinators and a Learning Circle Coordinator roles to full time positions. This additional time will be dedicated to the creation of an emergency food security plan that includes input from a variety of levels of the community, and enhance the technical knowledge of gardening and food processing in preparation for larger infrastructure projects on island.

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