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Association of Women Producers of Chacoma (AIMPACHA)


Their purpose

Led by female producers, AIMPACHA (for its acronym in Spanish) was founded in 2015 so that families could work together on their small plots. They produce vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, chard and celery to sell them in regional markets. They also rely on cattle, crafts and milk.

AIMPACHA is located in Chacoma, a community in the city of Viacha, about 20 km away from La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. The association’s core goal is to work collectively to improve the quality of life of all members through the commercialization of their products. AIMPACHA also focuses on providing members with technical support, equal treatment and a fair distribution of profit.

Our collaboration

Community Evolution started supporting AIMPACHA in 2016. We provided training in areas such as organizational and community enterprise development, organizational plan development (to support operations, management and ownership structure). Access to funding made it possible to buy rototiller and tools, and build five greenhouses to protect their crops from the harsh weather. Through our field coordinator in Bolivia and our partner AFLOPHA, we support AIMPACHA’s members with ongoing technical assistance and mentoring.

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