Flor de Caña


Their purpose

Flor de Caña was founded in 2009 to produce panela, unrefined whole cane sugar, popular in Latin America. This product is obtained by boiling and evaporating cane sugar juice into a thick syrup that solidifies. Organically certified, the association gathers what is produced by members and sells it with support from Maquita, a fair trade organization. Maquita assists in commercialization and creates opportunities to access international markets.

Working in an area of 120 hectares, members of the association come from the communities of Palo Quemado and La Florida, rural towns in the canton of Sigchos, in the province of Cotopaxi in Ecuador. Overall, the association’s goal is to improve the living conditions within their communities while producing quality, natural products sustainably.

Our collaboration

Community Evolution provided funding for training related to organizational development and community enterprise development, technical assistance to develop their business plan and purchase quality control lab equipment. We also assisted the association with improvement in the facilities’ roof, purchase of equipment (two-ton scale) and training for laboratory operations (quality control). Flor de Caña receives ongoing support through our local field coordinator.

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We partner with Flor de Caña and other enterprises in Ecuador.