River Select Fisheries Cooperative


Their purpose

The Rivers Select Fisheries Cooperative was incorporated in 2014 to provide market access to sustainable salmon fisheries. The Cooperative’s members are not just as fishers, but fishing communities. Their fisheries respect measures around selective fishing and quality control and by doing so, place the needs of rivers and the life they hold first.

The Rivers Select Fisheries Cooperative is helping build vibrant and prosperous First Nations communities through local, self-regulated and integrated fisheries businesses led by First Nations. 

Through the Covid-19 pandemic and the downturn of the local salmon fishery, River Select has turned its attention to helping its members adapt to industry changes and expand their operations to include native fisheries operating on the BC coast. This expanded operation will be called Authentic Indigenous Seafood.

Our collaboration

Seeing an important opportunity to support more native fishers and fishery workers, and the families and residents of native communities in British Columbia, Community Evolution began a partnership with the Rivers Select Fisheries Cooperative in mid-2020. We are providing technical assistance in the redesign of their share structure, updating financials and accounting data, and providing additional community facilitation in preparation for the implementation of the Authentic Indigenous Seafood plan.

Community Evolution is committed to supporting the Cooperative build its supply chains and harness market forces that will protect the cultures and the fisheries that support vibrant communities. We believe this collaboration has the potential to stimulate local economies while contributing to food and income security.

Lake Babine First Nation, a River Select member,  has been selectively harvesting Babine River sockeye using traps, seine nets and dip nets for countless generations.

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